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What foundation are you building on ?

Bill Lewis is a dear friend of mine outside of any business endeavor. One of the original connections I made with Bill Lewis is Drumming! He and I both drummed in world class drumlines and so few people understand what it is like to be a world class drummer and the masterpiece that goes into it!


One of the reasons why Bill Lewis is so dog-gone successful is because he has this “cool” ability to relate with people by the masses and relentlessly serve others !


In this article of his below, He describes the artificial connections people can make based on mere mirages appearing real to the eye. Similar to that of someone dying of thurst in a desert and off in the distance, there eyes see an oasis, but the closer they get, the more they realize that it was an optical illusion and now they are that much further away from water… This analogy is not perfect, but I trust you get the point.


Get rich quick only exists in world class ideas like Facebook, or in Ponze schemes and pyramids that are unethical and more than likely, illegal.


Read Bill’s post and you will quickly see his reliability and his common sense when it comes to opportunity and finances.


Enjoy and God Bless!


Larry Allswede

What foundation are you building on ?.

A Message for the Leadership Remnant

I once heard Orrin Woodward say “Every man and women aught to be a theologian. EVERY one…because it’s THAT big of an issue!” Orrin doesn’t just say things of this magnitude without MASSIVE thought behind his every idea. Why does he say/believe this?


What I love about this article “A Message for the Leadership Remnant.” is that he provides such strong and thought provoking ideas to chew on that will only stretch our minds and make us better. I hope the truth will enter your heart the way it has mine.


God Bless! Larry


A Message for the Leadership Remnant.

Capitalism vs. Free Enterprise – By Olliver DeMille


I just read this article and re-read it again to try and grasp the concept of Free Enterprise. I can definitely say that I am one of the culprits of equating Free Enterprise with Capitalism. What a wake up call!

I hope this article speaks to your heart the way it did to mine.

God Bless!

Larry Allswede

Capitalism vs. Free Enterprise

October 10th, 2011 // 11:18 am @

The New Culture War

wal mart smiley Capitalism vs. Free EnterpriseDuring the Cold War, people came to equate the three ideas of democracy, capitalism and free enterprise.

This made sense at some level, since the whole world seemed inescapably divided into authoritarian, totalitarian, socialist and communist nations on the one hand and democratic, capitalistic and free enterprise nations on the other.

In the decades since the Berlin Wall fell, as CNN’s Fareed Zakaria has pointed out, there has been a growing divide between the nations emphasizing democracy and those focused on capitalism.

The differences between these two groups are both interesting and significant to world events.

But an even more nuanced and impactful division is the difference between capitalism and free enterprise.

I wrote about this in my book FreedomShift, but it is a point of great magnitude in our current society and bears repeating.

Unfortunately, very few people have considered the differences.

Most still equate capitalism and free enterprise, even in the post-Cold War era.

This is a weighty mistake with a high potential for negative ramifications in the 21st Century.

A simple defining of terms points out the crucial importance of the distinction between these two brands of economics.

To summarize: capitalism gives special government-supported benefits to capital and those with capital (wealthy individuals, families and business entities).

This is the opposite of socialism, which promotes special government-supported benefits to those without capital—the proletariat, as Karl Marx put it.

In contrast to both capitalism and socialism, free enterprise establishes good laws and government policies that treat the rich, middle and poor the same.

Some people may believe that this is the system we live under in the United States today—that the law treats all the same.

Such an assumption is incorrect.

The U.S. commercial code has numerous laws which are written specifically to treat people differently based on their wealth.

For example, it is illegal for those with less than a certain amount of wealth to be offered many of the best investment opportunities.

Only those with a high net worth (the levels and amounts are set by law) are able to invest in such offerings.

This naturally benefits the wealthy to the detriment of wage earners.

This system is called capitalism, and it is a bad system—better than socialism or communism, to be sure, but not nearly as good as free enterprise.

In a free enterprise system, the law would allow all people to take part in any investments.

The law would be the same for all.

If this seems abstract, try starting a business in your local area.

In fact, start two.

Let the local zoning commissions, city council and other regulating agencies know that you are starting a business, that it will employ you and nine employees, and then keep track of what fees you must pay and how many hoops you must jump through.

Have your agent announce to the same agencies that a separate company, a big corporation, is bringing in a large enterprise that will employ 4,000 people (or, in a more urban setting, 24,000 people)—all of whom will pay taxes to the local area and bring growth and prestige.

Then simply sit back and watch how the two businesses are treated.

In most places in the United States, one will face an amazing amount of red tape, meetings, filings and obstacles—the other will likely be courted and given waivers, tax breaks, benefits and publicity.

Add up the cost to government of each, and two things will likely surprise you: 1) how much you will have to spend to set up a small business, and 2) how much the government will be willing to spend to court the large business.

Of course, I don’t really suggest that anyone announce such a fake business.

But imagine, theoretically, what would happen if you did.

Our current mentality in government is to treat big business better than small business.

This is the natural model in a capitalist system.

Capital gets special benefits.

In free enterprise, in contrast, the costs and obstacles would be identical for the two businesses.

In free enterprise, the operative words are “free” and “enterprise.”

Note that American business and ownership stayed mostly small—with most people owning family farms or small businesses—until the 1960s.

It was debt (often promoted by government) which wiped out the farming culture that dominated the South and Midwest, and the rise of big corporations over family-owned businesses came after the U.S. commercial code was changed by law to a capitalist rather than a free enterprise model.

If we altered today’s laws at all levels so that government entities treated all businesses and citizens the same, regardless of their level of capital, the natural result would be the spread of more small businesses.

Note that nearly all major growth in America’s economy since 1985 has come from small business.

Today, small businesses are struggling under a veritable “mountain” of regulatory red tape—the result is economic downturn.

And, while some in government hold an anti-business attitude, even many of those ostensibly promoting pro-business policies are more aligned with Wall Street corporations than the needs of small business.

Capitalism, sometimes called “Corporatism”, is not the same thing as free enterprise.

Both are certainly preferable to socialism or communism, but free enterprise is considerably more conducive to freedom and widespread prosperity than capitalism.

History has proven the following: 1) Under capitalism, the divide between rich and poor naturally increases; 2) In a free enterprise system, the prosperity, freedom and dignity of nearly everyone in the society inevitably rises.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn pointed out that while modern American capitalism was clearly better than Russia’s twentieth-century communism or Europe’s contemporary attempts at socialism, the U.S. implementation of capitalism left much to be desired.

For example, he noted, under American capitalism the question of, “is it right?” became less important to many people and companies than, “is it legal?”

Likewise, the culture of capitalism frequently asks, “is it profitable?” before (or instead of) asking, “is it good?”

American capitalism, Solzhenitsyn said, created a nation more materialistic than spiritual, more interested in superficial success than genuine human progress.

Note that Solzhenitsyn was adamantly anti-communist and anti-socialist.

But he also found capitalism lacking.

In every particular, however, Solzhenitsyn’s criticisms of capitalism don’t apply to the free enterprise model of economics. When the law treats all people and businesses the same—regardless of their size, connections, power or wealth—an interesting consequence occurs.

Put succinctly:

  • In socialism the government ignores, downplays and literally abuses prosperity and freedom to the point that both are lost for nearly everyone.
  • Under capitalism, the laws promote the wealth and license of a few above the freedom and prosperity of all, with the cultural result of valuing attainment of wealth above almost everything—including virtue, compassion, and the liberty of all.
  • In free enterprise, the laws treat everyone the same, thereby incentivizing freedom, prosperity and enterprise (as long as such enterprise doesn’t violate the inalienable rights of others). The application of this model is rare in human history, but the results when it has been applied are nothing less than spectacular (see Ancient Israel, Athens, the vales period of Switzerland, the Saracens, the Anglo-Saxons, and the United States—which by 1944 had 6% of the world’s population and produced over half of its goods and services).

The lesson?

Freedom works.

Enterprise works.

And the outcome when the two are combined is breathtaking.

We are capable of so much more than we’ve accomplished so far, and free enterprise is the most powerful economic system yet to be tried by mankind.

Isn’t it time for an end to the outdated debate about socialism versus capitalism and a national return to the free enterprise system which made America great?

During its first century-and-a-half of application, free enterprise brought us major wealth, a standard of living for most citizens that rivals or surpasses the lifestyles of history’s royals, world power, major technological and medical advancements, and the end of slavery.

It also brought the repudiation of racism, male dominance, religious persecution and a host of other ills that have existed for millennia.

With all these areas of progress, imagine what we could do if we re-adopted the free enterprise values and culture in our time.

Laws that give special benefits to wealth and capital while withholding such opportunities from the rest can never bring the progress, advances, freedom and prosperity that free enterprise will.

It’s time for a change, and the first step is for all of us to start using the phrase “free enterprise” a lot more.

We need to study it, think about it, discuss and debate its various applications, and make it a household topic rather than an obscure economic reference.

The future of America is inextricably linked with the future of free enterprise.

We will sink or swim exactly as it does, whether we realize it or not.

Isn’t it time to admit this reality and make it the leading topic in our national dialogue?


Let Freedom Reign!

I love the fact that I am an American! I love the fact that being an American actually has a strong and profound meaning. I have recently been studying up on some of the ideals of Americanism.

Recently, I have been learning about the 4 Lost American Ideals, by Olliver DeMille. Really, there are 5 Ideals of what it means to be an American but four of them are almost completely lost!

The 5 ideals are as follows:

  1. Freedom – (The only idea that is not completely lost)
  2. Georgics – (To be an Owner)
  3. Providence – (Knowing God’s unique and specific calling for your life)
  4. Liber – (You can only be as free as what you know)
  5. Public Virtue – (quoted from the Declaration of Independance: “…we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”)


I wrote a blog article over a year ago, and I just stumbled accross this, before I started learning about the 4 lost American Ideals. I feel like that article goes completely hand in hand with these ideals of Americanism, and I thought I would share! I will be inserting a few thoughts here and there with a “**___**” so you know what I am adding to the article in regards the the 4 lost American Ideals, so I hope this proves to be thought provoking and inspiring. Enjoy!


(This Blog below was originally written on Sept 16th, in 2009)

The underlying theme to what has been weighing on my heart these past few weeks has been Freedom. What does this word really mean to America? What does it mean for me? What does it mean for you?

WOW! Just read through the first few definitions and let your mind open up to ideas that are sparked from the words  of the definitions of “freedom”.

The more I learn about what is going on in our country, the more I realize what I’ve been called to do.**Providence** To preserve our freedom, however, I don’t feel called to go into ministry and I don’t feel called to enter into our military. I do feel called to help people preserve their own freedoms, and inspire others to do the same. If enough people can build their own platform of freedom, then we as a country can deserve to be the freeist country in the world.**LIBER…an education that teaches you HOW to think, opposed to ‘what’ to think, or ‘when’ to think** Currently, America is sitting as the 9th freeist country, and Canada is sitting as 6th?!?! What happend? What is Washington promoting? If the leadership of our country is a direct reflection of the people, what does that say about the people?

Let me refer you to some good books that have helped open my eyes to truth.

  1. Launching A Leadership Revolution -Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward
  2. The Coming Aristocracy – Oliver DeMille
  3. Thomas Jefferson Education – Oliver DeMIlle
  4. The Founding Fathers on Leadership – Donald T Philips
  5. Leaderhip & Liberty – Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward

These books in the past several months have really opened my eyes to some trueisms that I had never known. Here is a link of some good blogs & videos as well

1. (Check out the Documentary by Aaron Russo called America – Freedom to Fascism

I don’t want to go into a definition of what I think Freedom is. That’s why I dropped these sources of good books and websites for you to determine what freedom means to you. However, I do know that when I DON’T have it, quality of life suffers.

In this paticular blog this morning, I feel called to talk about economic freedom. To me, having economic freedom means that nobody owns you and you don’t owe anybody anything! **See Georgics!** But to achieve this, obviously requires some education**LIBER/Leadership Education, that is!**. First and foremost is the question, “why?” Why on earth would anybody want economic freedom? What does that mean to you? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Sick of charging everything you buy to Aunt VISA? Then knocking on Uncle MASTERCARDs door for a loan to pay Aunt VISA back? Are you ok with feeling the crushing weight of interest piling up and phone calls coming in daily? Or maybe debt is ok with you, but because of the debt you don’t have money and freedom to spend time with family and friends. Is that ok? If any of this resonates with you, then trust me when I say education is KEY to obtaining economic freedom. Well, it is key if you actually plan on DOING something about it. 🙂

I can tell you that I want economic freedom. Not just for me, but for as many people who want it. In order to get it, you have to deserve it**See Liber above**. In other words, you have to learn new principles to live by and develop the diciplines to follow the new rules. Developing this freedom for yourself and your family means that you have to conquer so many other demons, that you will in turn develop ways to preserve other freedoms along the proces such as Mental Freedom(and emotional freedom), Social Freedom (not feeling like you have to keep up with the Jones’) and potentially (hopefull), Spiritual Freedom.**Providence**

As a matter of fact, you’ll find that by running towards economic freedom, you’ll accomplish SO much more then being debt free.

I hope that by my example of running towards eonomic freedom and accomplishing other areas I can inspire others to do the same. If we all accomplished this as a nation, the future will actually look bright again. When Stacey and I start a family**WOW!! lol, our daughter, Anna Grace is now 13months!**, we want leave to our kids & grandchildren a nation that promotes freedom rather than power, and actually deserves to lead.

My question I want to leave you with is this: What does economic freedom mean to you? And, what is it that you want out of life?

*NOTE* You don’t have to be a young, punk kid like me to want more for your life. Most successful millionaires didn’t start their wealth creation until after the age of 50! Winston Churchill didn’t start his main reign of leadership as Prime Minister until he was 77!! SO, if you are 77, or 18 alike. You can still make a difference! **You can still get in touch with your Providence and spend the rest of your days living out your  purpose!**

God Bless




It’s Time To Start Living!!!

I am excited to start sharing my thoughts and ideas about LIFE! I have grown tremendously through the reading, listening, sharing, thinking, and application of thoughts and ideas I have gathered over the years.

Some of the most thought provoking ideas I have ever encountered and been interested enough to think about at great length came from Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Bill Lewis, Holger Spiewak, Oliver DeMille, among others. I strongly encourage you to find their blog pages, home pages and audio material and study up on some of their ideas about life, leadership and success. You will be truly blessed!

In the meantime, I will share with you one of my biggest gems, my best kept secret, one of my greatest virtues…ENCOURAGEMENT!!!…well, encouragement coupled with enthusiasm (hence the ‘all caps’ on the word and the 3 exclamation marks) 😉

When studying the greatness that has gone before us, you will always find out that the greatest individuals in life has always been great encouragers! See, in order to be an encourager, you must first tap into a whole host of other virtues which will be instrumental on your journey of success. Let’s take a quick look at this line up.

To be a great encourager of others, let’s start with the Webster’s definition:


  1. To inspire with hope, courage, or confidence; hearten.
  2. To give support to; foster:
  3. To stimulate; spur:
  4. To inspire (someone) with the courage or confidence (to do something)
  5. To stimulate (something or someone to do something) by approval or help; support
  6. Verb:  Encourage – contribute to the progress or growth of; “I am promoting the use of computers in the classroom”
  7. Verb:  Encourage – inspire with confidence; give hope or courage to

What did we find? If you are an extreme critical thinker and very detail oriented, you might have noticed that “Encourager/encouragers” are not really words, but for the purpose this blog post, I’ll just keep using it! 😉

Words like “Inspire. Hope. Courage. Confidence. Support. To foster. To Stimulate. Contribution. have confidence in. etc… are all words that surround the idea of encouragement…

So why start there? See, they say that a picture can produce a thousand words in one’s mind… but ONE WORD can paint a THOUSAND pictures! Essentially, a word can be infinitely more potent to the imagination than that of a painting! Kind of hard to believe, I know… but thought provoking nonetheless!

Now, when you look at the word “belief” it means to have TRUST, or CONFIDENCE in someone, or some THING, based on the examination of evidence. So if you do NOT trust yourself, or have confidence in yourself and therefore don’t have confidence in your ability to keep your word/follow through or skill sets, your soul will be starved of the essence of LIFE!!! So if YOU, yourself is STARVING for the pursuit of happiness, there is a VERY LOW chance that you will become an encourager!

To become a good finder in others and to strive to be an encourager, synonymously means that you must also find trust and confidence in yourself; to have enough strength to support others! To find GOOD in others, to contribute your “Very best,  to “Inspire”, “To Foster” you have to have, or be on the path to, believing in yourself, or having faith that you are headed in the right direction of personal growth. In other words… an UN-Lit candle, by definition, CANNOT light OTHER candles!

You have a past. You messed up. You “did it AGAIN!”. You fell harder this time than you have ever before in your past…Or worse, you believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities but are holding onto a grudge of someone that has wronged you and wounded you so deeply in your past or childhood. So tell me, then…If you know ALL the nonsense about your past that NO ONE else knows about, how on earth can you accomplish such a task of BELIEF in yourself, or forgiveness in your heart, to let go and move forward when it can feel like all hope is lost? How do you let go of such failure or heal the wound of those who have trespassed against you?! That’s a GREAT question!!!

Here’s what I can tell you. I have a past that YOU don’t know about. I have unintentionally hurt others and crossed the line. I have also been deeply wounded, and have let myself and others down time and time again. But what I have learned is that the successful people we know (specifically the ones that I listed above) ALSO have a past that YOU and I don’t know. Yet, they trust their own abilities, and have confidence that they will have a resolve. How? Why? Is that available to you an I?!?

I’m writing this article today to let you know that IT’s TIME TO START LIVING!!!

RESOLVE today to move FORWARD! I will! Why confidently remember what God has already forgotten?!?! Are you better than Him or know better than Him? I would wager that NO ONE knows better than our Creator! Another way of putting it is this…if I said to you on a daily basis what YOU say to you on a daily basis…would we be friends?!?! (lol) probably not.

Start with encouraging yourself! Give yourself permission to WIN!! 87% of all our natural thoughts are negative! In order to give yourself a fighting chance, you must CONSTANTLY input GOOD/Positive thoughts in your head in order to accomplish this task!

Through this journey, you will start to slowly change your perspective of others, and slowly start to see good in others! You will slowly start catching yourself wanting to encourage your teammates, friends and family! You will slowly start finding ways to allow that hurt from so long ago to dissolve into forgiveness. You will slowly start to “foster” the substance that will make you feel compelled to “ENCOURAGE” others! And you will soon realize, that by accomplishing the task to

being able to encourage others, you will:

  1. Start feeling at peace with your past
  2. Begin believing in your self
  3. Start to more clearly see your God given gifts and talents, as well as seeing the path in which to develop these gifts
  4. Find yourself having the courage to accomplish what you used to never think possible
  5. Endeavor to work towards your purpose
  6. Finish Strong!
  7. Become the person you ALWAYS KNEW you could become!

The next time you see someone being an “encourager” allow the picture to evolve in your mind of what that truly means. as discussed above. Just know that the very task of being an encourager means attacking personal, internal demons at the same time in order to make room for others!

I am looking forward to sharing with you all in the future.

God Bless!

Larry Allswede

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