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It’s Time To Start Living!!!

I am excited to start sharing my thoughts and ideas about LIFE! I have grown tremendously through the reading, listening, sharing, thinking, and application of thoughts and ideas I have gathered over the years.

Some of the most thought provoking ideas I have ever encountered and been interested enough to think about at great length came from Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Bill Lewis, Holger Spiewak, Oliver DeMille, among others. I strongly encourage you to find their blog pages, home pages and audio material and study up on some of their ideas about life, leadership and success. You will be truly blessed!

In the meantime, I will share with you one of my biggest gems, my best kept secret, one of my greatest virtues…ENCOURAGEMENT!!!…well, encouragement coupled with enthusiasm (hence the ‘all caps’ on the word and the 3 exclamation marks) šŸ˜‰

When studying the greatness that has gone before us, you will always find out that the greatest individuals in life has always been greatĀ encouragers! See, in order to be an encourager, you must first tap into a whole host of other virtues which will be instrumental on your journey of success. Let’s take a quick look at this line up.

To be a great encourager of others, let’s start with the Webster’s definition:

enĀ·courĀ·aged,Ā enĀ·courĀ·agĀ·ing,Ā enĀ·courĀ·agĀ·es

  1. To inspire with hope, courage, or confidence; hearten.
  2. To give support to; foster:
  3. To stimulate; spur:
  4. To inspire (someone) with the courage or confidence (to do something)
  5. To stimulate (something or someone to do something) by approval or help; support
  6. Verb: Ā Encourage – contribute to the progress or growth of; “I amĀ promotingĀ the use of computers in the classroom”
  7. Verb: Ā Encourage – inspire with confidence; give hope or courage to

What did we find? If you are an extreme critical thinker and very detail oriented, you might have noticed that “Encourager/encouragers” are not really words, but for the purpose this blog post, I’ll just keep using it! šŸ˜‰

Words like “Inspire. Hope. Courage. Confidence. Support. To foster. To Stimulate. Contribution. have confidence in. etc… are all words that surround the idea of encouragement…

So why start there? See, they say that a picture can produce a thousand words in one’s mind… but ONE WORD can paint a THOUSAND pictures! Essentially, a word can be infinitely more potent to theĀ imaginationĀ than that of a painting! Kind of hard to believe, I know… but thought provoking nonetheless!

Now, when you look at the word “belief” it means to have TRUST, or CONFIDENCE in someone, or some THING, based on the examination of evidence. So if you do NOT trust yourself, or have confidence in yourself and therefore don’t have confidence in your ability to keep your word/follow through or skill sets, your soul will be starved of the essence of LIFE!!! So if YOU, yourself is STARVING for the pursuit of happiness, there is a VERY LOW chance that you will become an encourager!

To become a good finder in others and to strive to be an encourager, synonymously means that you must also find trust and confidence in yourself; to have enough strength to support others! To find GOOD in others, to contribute your “Very best, Ā to “Inspire”, “To Foster” you have to have, or be on the path to, believing in yourself, or having faith that you are headed in the right direction of personal growth. In other words… an UN-Lit candle, by definition, CANNOT light OTHER candles!

You have a past. You messed up. You “did it AGAIN!”. You fell harder this time than you have ever before in your past…Or worse, you believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities but are holding onto a grudge of someone that has wronged you and wounded you so deeply in your past or childhood. So tell me, then…If you know ALL the nonsense about your past that NO ONE else knows about, how on earth can you accomplish such a task of BELIEF in yourself, or forgiveness in your heart, to let go and move forward when it can feel like all hope is lost? How do you let go of such failure or heal the wound of those who haveĀ trespassedĀ against you?! That’s a GREAT question!!!

Here’s what I can tell you. I have a past that YOU don’t know about. I have unintentionally hurt others and crossed the line. I have also been deeply wounded, and have let myself and others down time and time again. But what I have learned is that the successful people we know (specifically the ones that I listed above) ALSO have a past that YOU and I don’t know. Yet, they trust their own abilities, and have confidence that they will have a resolve. How? Why? Is that available to you an I?!?

I’m writing this article today to let you know that IT’s TIME TO START LIVING!!!

RESOLVE today to move FORWARD! I will! Why confidently remember what God has already forgotten?!?! Are you better than Him or know better than Him? I would wager that NO ONE knows better than our Creator! Another way of putting it is this…if I said to you on a daily basis what YOU say to you on a daily basis…would we be friends?!?! (lol) probably not.

Start with encouraging yourself! Give yourself permission to WIN!! 87% of all our natural thoughts are negative! In order to give yourself a fighting chance, you must CONSTANTLY input GOOD/Positive thoughts in your head in order to accomplish this task!

Through this journey, you will start to slowly change your perspective of others, and slowly start to see good in others! You will slowly start catching yourself wanting to encourage your teammates, friends and family! You will slowly start finding ways to allow that hurt from so long ago to dissolve intoĀ forgiveness. You will slowly start to “foster” the substance that will make you feel compelled to “ENCOURAGE” others! And you will soon realize, that by accomplishing the task to

being able to encourage others, you will:

  1. Start feeling at peace with your past
  2. Begin believing in your self
  3. Start to more clearly see your God given gifts and talents, as well as seeing the path in which to develop these gifts
  4. Find yourself having the courage to accomplish what you used to never think possible
  5. Endeavor to work towards your purpose
  6. Finish Strong!
  7. Become the person you ALWAYS KNEW you could become!

The next time you see someone being an “encourager” allow the picture to evolve in your mind of what that truly means. as discussed above. Just know that the very task of being an encourager means attacking personal, internal demons at the same time in order to make room for others!

I am looking forward to sharing with you all in the future.

God Bless!

Larry Allswede


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3 thoughts on “It’s Time To Start Living!!!

  1. Very enjoyable! I like it! Let’s get together soon, even if by phone if need be first!

  2. This post is money. Sharing it for sure.

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