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Let Freedom Reign!

I love the fact that I am an American! I love the fact that being an American actually has a strong and profound meaning. I have recently been studying up on some of the ideals of Americanism.

Recently, I have been learning about the 4 Lost American Ideals, by Olliver DeMille. Really, there are 5 Ideals of what it means to be an American but four of them are almost completely lost!

The 5 ideals are as follows:

  1. Freedom – (The only idea that is not completely lost)
  2. Georgics – (To be an Owner)
  3. Providence – (Knowing God’s unique and specific calling for your life)
  4. Liber – (You can only be as free as what you know)
  5. Public Virtue – (quoted from the Declaration of Independance: “…we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”)


I wrote a blog article over a year ago, and I just stumbled accross this, before I started learning about the 4 lost American Ideals. I feel like that article goes completely hand in hand with these ideals of Americanism, and I thought I would share! I will be inserting a few thoughts here and there with a “**___**” so you know what I am adding to the article in regards the the 4 lost American Ideals, so I hope this proves to be thought provoking and inspiring. Enjoy!


(This Blog below was originally written on Sept 16th, in 2009)

The underlying theme to what has been weighing on my heart these past few weeks has been Freedom. What does this word really mean to America? What does it mean for me? What does it mean for you?

WOW! Just read through the first few definitions and let your mind open up to ideas that are sparked from the words  of the definitions of “freedom”.

The more I learn about what is going on in our country, the more I realize what I’ve been called to do.**Providence** To preserve our freedom, however, I don’t feel called to go into ministry and I don’t feel called to enter into our military. I do feel called to help people preserve their own freedoms, and inspire others to do the same. If enough people can build their own platform of freedom, then we as a country can deserve to be the freeist country in the world.**LIBER…an education that teaches you HOW to think, opposed to ‘what’ to think, or ‘when’ to think** Currently, America is sitting as the 9th freeist country, and Canada is sitting as 6th?!?! What happend? What is Washington promoting? If the leadership of our country is a direct reflection of the people, what does that say about the people?

Let me refer you to some good books that have helped open my eyes to truth.

  1. Launching A Leadership Revolution -Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward
  2. The Coming Aristocracy – Oliver DeMille
  3. Thomas Jefferson Education – Oliver DeMIlle
  4. The Founding Fathers on Leadership – Donald T Philips
  5. Leaderhip & Liberty – Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward

These books in the past several months have really opened my eyes to some trueisms that I had never known. Here is a link of some good blogs & videos as well

1. (Check out the Documentary by Aaron Russo called America – Freedom to Fascism

I don’t want to go into a definition of what I think Freedom is. That’s why I dropped these sources of good books and websites for you to determine what freedom means to you. However, I do know that when I DON’T have it, quality of life suffers.

In this paticular blog this morning, I feel called to talk about economic freedom. To me, having economic freedom means that nobody owns you and you don’t owe anybody anything! **See Georgics!** But to achieve this, obviously requires some education**LIBER/Leadership Education, that is!**. First and foremost is the question, “why?” Why on earth would anybody want economic freedom? What does that mean to you? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Sick of charging everything you buy to Aunt VISA? Then knocking on Uncle MASTERCARDs door for a loan to pay Aunt VISA back? Are you ok with feeling the crushing weight of interest piling up and phone calls coming in daily? Or maybe debt is ok with you, but because of the debt you don’t have money and freedom to spend time with family and friends. Is that ok? If any of this resonates with you, then trust me when I say education is KEY to obtaining economic freedom. Well, it is key if you actually plan on DOING something about it. 🙂

I can tell you that I want economic freedom. Not just for me, but for as many people who want it. In order to get it, you have to deserve it**See Liber above**. In other words, you have to learn new principles to live by and develop the diciplines to follow the new rules. Developing this freedom for yourself and your family means that you have to conquer so many other demons, that you will in turn develop ways to preserve other freedoms along the proces such as Mental Freedom(and emotional freedom), Social Freedom (not feeling like you have to keep up with the Jones’) and potentially (hopefull), Spiritual Freedom.**Providence**

As a matter of fact, you’ll find that by running towards economic freedom, you’ll accomplish SO much more then being debt free.

I hope that by my example of running towards eonomic freedom and accomplishing other areas I can inspire others to do the same. If we all accomplished this as a nation, the future will actually look bright again. When Stacey and I start a family**WOW!! lol, our daughter, Anna Grace is now 13months!**, we want leave to our kids & grandchildren a nation that promotes freedom rather than power, and actually deserves to lead.

My question I want to leave you with is this: What does economic freedom mean to you? And, what is it that you want out of life?

*NOTE* You don’t have to be a young, punk kid like me to want more for your life. Most successful millionaires didn’t start their wealth creation until after the age of 50! Winston Churchill didn’t start his main reign of leadership as Prime Minister until he was 77!! SO, if you are 77, or 18 alike. You can still make a difference! **You can still get in touch with your Providence and spend the rest of your days living out your  purpose!**

God Bless





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3 thoughts on “Let Freedom Reign!

  1. Keith M on said:

    Excellent thoughts Larry. It amazes me how people would rather sit down and forget the problems in their lives for the next generation to deal with. Meanwhile they train a new generation to do what, be lazy and apathetic to the issues at hand.

    Bob McEwen talks about Economic, Political, and Spiritual Freedom. If any one of these areas is lacking then the others shall fall as well. After if you are rich (economic freedom) and in jail (a lack of political freedom) then you really are not free at all!

    As an 18 year old myself, I was never taught anything like this in school and now in college none of these princiapals are taught. Its a scary thought to know that people of my generation have no idea what they are missing! Even crazier is that what we are taught is the opposite of these truths and principals! Today in class my professor laughed at the idea of taking a risk to be Georgic!

    Thanks for the great post Larry it has been very thought provoking.

    • Great point, Keith! I’m glad to see that you have so much fire in your heart to get the truth out there and be a leader for your generation! Leadership is sorely needed. Keep serving. Keep attacking. Stay in constant application mode with what you are learning as a Liber Student! God Bless!

  2. Jason A on said:

    This was an awesome post! I was really surprised at the fact that we are number 9 in the world as a free country. Ever since I was little I always learned that America had many struggles with freedom, but we are the freest country in the world. It’s scary to see our country tank. I remember whenever I went to Canada, our dollar would equal something close to $1.54 or something like that. Now the Canadian dollar is worth more!

    I loved it when you said, “you’ll find that running towards economic freedom, you’ll accomplish SO much more than being debt free” because I can relate to this even with my family. My parents have a lot of debt and when they fight, it usually involves how much money is spent that we don’t have. I know for a fact that if there was no debt in my family, they would be a lot happier and definitely fight less. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like they fight all the time, just on occasion when things get really tight with financing.

    In the end, freedom is something we over look in our society. Our government rights give us freedom, however we are enslaved to the 5% of wealth in the economy. We forget how much our freedom is lost when we swipe that credit card, and how much family bonds get pressured through the economic downturns. It’s time for Americans to gain the freedom they once had and not worry about the slavery in the economy.

    Thanks for the post! Definitely opened my mind up! Fire it up!!

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