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What foundation are you building on ?

Bill Lewis is a dear friend of mine outside of any business endeavor. One of the original connections I made with Bill Lewis is Drumming! He and I both drummed in world class drumlines and so few people understand what it is like to be a world class drummer and the masterpiece that goes into it!


One of the reasons why Bill Lewis is so dog-gone successful is because he has this “cool” ability to relate with people by the masses and relentlessly serve others !


In this article of his below, He describes the artificial connections people can make based on mere mirages appearing real to the eye. Similar to that of someone dying of thurst in a desert and off in the distance, there eyes see an oasis, but the closer they get, the more they realize that it was an optical illusion and now they are that much further away from water… This analogy is not perfect, but I trust you get the point.


Get rich quick only exists in world class ideas like Facebook, or in Ponze schemes and pyramids that are unethical and more than likely, illegal.


Read Bill’s post and you will quickly see his reliability and his common sense when it comes to opportunity and finances.


Enjoy and God Bless!


Larry Allswede

What foundation are you building on ?.


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One thought on “What foundation are you building on ?

  1. Thanks for this post Larry! I loved reading Bills post and agree with you one of the great aspects to Bill and his way of teaching is his ‘coolness’. And of course my similar connection of drumming šŸ™‚ I am honored to be a part of this amazing line of leaders and look forward to a great future together!

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